Eugene Houchins III - President of the American Life Fund Corporation

About Eugene Houchins III

Eugene E. Houchins III is an Atlanta, Georgia-based entrepreneur and private equity funding leader who serves as president of the American Life Fund Corporation, through which he provides funds through existing life insurance policies on behalf of individuals battling a life-threatening illness who require support for paying their medical and living expenses. Through his firm, Eugene "Gene" Houchins III supports numerous philanthropic cancer organizations by providing both financial and personnel resources.

Prior to 2007, Gene Houchins III spent 14 years traveling the world and completing various engineering jobs on behalf of oil and gas companies. He earned a master's degree in environmental engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1993 and, the year prior, completed a bachelor's degree in civil engineering at Auburn University.

When he isn't creating solutions for individuals who need financial assistance to cover their medical expenses, Mr. Houchins enjoys watching college football, as well as coaching high school sports and little league baseball.